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Corporate rights:
  • The Analysis of constituent documents and following corporate rights of the client;
  • The Analysis not the constituent documents confirming corporate rights of the client;
  • Preparation of the legal counsels in each case concerning questions of corporate rights of the client;
  • Legal support of corporate rights transfer;
  • Presentation of judicial claims about protection of the broken corporate rights.
Alienation of the enterprises:
  • The economic - legal analysis of the enterprise in a preselling stage, realization of audit;
  • The Analysis of property rights of founders of the enterprises of various organizational - legal forms;
  • Presentation and support of legal requirements of founders about realization of corporate rights;
  • Granting the legal counsels on questions of purchase and re-structuring of the enterprises;
  • Development of the enterprise re-structuring plan;
  • Preparation of the enterprise for sale;
  • Support of process of liquidation of the enterprise, participation in work of the liquidating commission.
  • Granting the legal counsels concerning the order of bankruptcy of the enterprise for concrete business;
  • Consultation and legal support of the enterprise bankruptcy procedure;
  • Preparation of procedural documents for realization of the enterprise bankruptcy procedure;
  • Conducting processes in the economic court, connected to bankruptcy of the enterprise.
The real estate:
  • Granting the legal counsel about legally capable documents of real estate;
  • Preparation of documents on sale and purchase of real estate;
  • Maintenance of the notarial certificate of alienation deals of the real estate;
  • Registration of the real estate in executive power of Ukraine;
  • Development of real estate contracts alienation;
  • Participation in litigations on protection of the property right to objects of the real estate.
Property rights:
  • Presence confirmation of the property rights of clients in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Confidential representation of interests and confidential management of property rights;
  • Legal support of alienation of property rights;
  • Consultation on legal consequences of property rights transfer;
  • Representation in court on protection of property rights.
The law of right:
  • Granting the legal counsels on questions of the property;
  • Granting legal conclusions - reviews of the legislation in concrete cases of the property right protection;
  • Development of strategy and the mechanism of client interests protection in the disputes connected to infringement of the property right;
  • Representation of clients interests in courts of the common competence and in arbitration courts;
  • Granting contracts in view of legitimate interests of the clients connected to realization of the property right and its protection in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Preparation of the legal counsels on questions of a privatization;
  • Consultations and preparation of experts' reports on questions of a privatization;
  • Preparation of all documents for participation during a privatization;
  • Representation and protection of clients interests in Fund of the state property of Ukraine and other state structures;
  • Consultation of state structure activity privatization;
  • Conducting the actions concerned the process of the state property privatization.
  • Preparation of contracts according to requirements of the Ukrainian and foreign legislation;
  • Preparation of circuits of mutual relation in large-scale projects;
  • The Legal analysis of contracts in concrete cases, procedures of their signing;
  • Participation of experts in negotiations at various stages of preparation and signing of contracts;
  • Support of the notarial certificate of documents, maintenance of safety of originals of contracts and other documents;
  • Representation in the litigations connected to the conclusion and executions of contracts;
  • Translations of contracts from Ukrainian (Russian) on foreign languages and from foreign languages on the Ukrainian (Russian) language.
The state structure:
  • Representation in the state structure of Ukraine;
  • Composition of documents (applications, complaints etc.) for consideration in the state structure;
  • The Appeal of the state structure decisions in judicial and administrative instances;
  • Consultation on questions of rights, duties and the legal responsibility of the state structures and officials;
  • Clients granting the documents projects for the state structures, and also for legal and physical persons.
Labour rights:
  • Consultations on the labour legislation of Ukraine;
  • Consultations on hiring and dismissal of workers at the Ukrainian enterprises and the enterprises abroad, payments of the appropriate indemnifications;
  • Consultations on employment of foreigners in Ukraine.
Land business, agroindustrial business:
  • Agriculture rent relations;
  • Land tenure and the counsels of contracts with agricultural enterprise;
  • Creation and activity of the agricultural enterprises of all kinds;
  • Preparation of experts' reports on questions of agriculture investments and creation of the agroindustrial complex;
  • Participation in the international projects of agriculture development in Ukraine;
  • Consultations on creation and activity of agricultural co-operatives;
The taxation:
  • Development of rational circuits of the taxation, minimization of the taxation;
  • Consultations on taxes payment according to the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • Consultations on mutual relation with tax rating authority;
  • Judicial protection of clients against wrongful actions of the state tax administrations;
  • Preparation of the financial and tax right counsels;
  • Preparation of the auditor counsels.
  • Registration of credit relations;
  • The Analysis of various cases of crediting;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for reception of credits in banks of Ukraine, foreign banks, and also in the international bank institutions;
  • Participation in consideration of the judicial disputes connected to the conclusion, execution and maintenance of credit contracts.
The intellectual property:
  • The Legal counsels of the author's and patent legislation;
  • The Coordination of license contracts on transfer of rights to objects of the intellectual property;
  • Protection of the intellectual property rights;
  • Supporting the processes of objects patenting of the industrial property in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Realization of negotiations with patent departments in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Granting projects of license contracts and contracts on transfer of rights to objects of the intellectual property according to the international standards, the current legislation of Ukraine and foreign countries;
  • Registration of objects of the intellectual property (support of registration of trade marks, service marks etc.);
  • Judicial protection of the right of the intellectual property, including conducting litigations in Ukraine and abroad.
Registration of trade marks:
  • Preparation of documents needed for representation in Patent agency of Ukraine;
  • Participation in negotiations with patent attorneys on questions of registration of marks for the goods and services in Ukraine;
  • Judicial protection of the intellectual property rights.
Judicial - arbitration activity:
  • The Analysis of documentary proofs with the purpose of the future definition of judicial consideration of clients disputes in courts of the general jurisdiction, and also in economic courts of Ukraine;
  • Granting the legal counsels about opportunities of client interests protection in courts;
  • Representation in litigations in courts of the general jurisdiction in Ukraine;
  • Representation in litigations in economic courts of Ukraine, including the Main economic court of Ukraine;
  • Participation in legal maintenance of judgments execution of Ukrainian courts;
  • The Appeal of decisions of courts in higher judicial instances;
  • Representation of clients in the international courts and arbitration, and also in courts of the foreign states.
The international arbitration processes:
  • Granting legal estimations about an opportunity of clients interests protection in the international arbitration institutes;
  • Preparation of an information concerning the order of consideration of disputes in the international commercial arbitration;
  • Representation of clients interests in the International commercial arbitration court at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine;
  • Participation together with foreign lawyers in protection of clients interests in the international arbitration organizations;
  • Support of execution procedure in Ukraine of the international commercial arbitration and foreign courts decisions.
Building projects:
  • Supporting the procedures of sanctions registration for designing and construction of objects;
  • Preparation with consulting firms of the conclusions about terms and procedures of sanctions reception of the state architectural - building control, in the state inspections and in other state structures;
  • Protection of interests of legal and physical persons during reception of necessary sanctions for the beginning constructions and reconstruction;
  • Support of the conclusion and execution(performance) of building contracts, including with participation foreign contract and contract organizations;
  • Protection of property interests of participants of construction in courts of the general jurisdiction, arbitration and the arbitration courts (commercial arbitration).
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