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   Territorial support: History of VIA & Co.

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The Consulting law company "VIA & Co." was created in 1998. The decision to create the Company is accepted by three lawyers that have qualification in sphere of legal service of business and an operational experience about five years.

The firm started the activity from cities of Ilyichevsk, Odessa, Yuzniy. The firm is created with the purpose of maintenance of economic activities of corporate clients, support of investment projects in various spheres of business.

During this period in Ilyichevsk city there was a territory of the preferential taxation - action of the specialized trading patent excluding a significant amount of taxes that created more favorable conditions for realization of business in the given region.

Originally the office of the company was in a notary's office, then the Company borrowed an office in Business center. During existence the structure of the Company varied, however constant there were purposes and principles of the Company, idea of the qualified servicing, discipline in the organizations of work, high requirements to workers of the Company.

Considering changes of the legislation, the Company regularly publishes opinion of the experts concerning development of business and the right in Ukraine.

Since 2001 the office of the Company is located: Ilyichevsk, 2, Lenina str. The company uses the fast Internet connection channel, digital telephone lines, other communication facility, services of the transport companies etc., that operatively allows to react to environment changes and to realize strategic problems.

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