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   Territorial support: Features of VIA & Co.

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Experts of the Company have preparation in various branches of the law and experience of practical legal activity. Strategy of firm is based on the following main principles:
  • Protection of clients' interests in the sufficiently complicated legal area of Ukraine is possible only due to efforts of group of lawyers, which operate as a unified team.
  • The Group of lawyers has an opportunity to solve problems which one lawyer can not solve.
  • The Client is always in the centre of Company's attention.
  • The Reliable result is provided with purposeful and detailed work.
  • Business dynamics demands the decision of legal problems of clients at the international level.
The firm unites theoretical knowledge and experience of practical workers which worked in machinery of state, and also lawyers who served the private companies. Protection of clients' interests is carried out professionally with use of all legal means, is thought over, according to plan and in a complex.

The office of the Company is located in downtown, which allows saving time of our clients; hi-tech communication facilities allow working with the remote parts of the world.

Conditions of service payment of the Company and fees are enough flexible, 'cause firm understands problems of the clients.

The firm guarantees and provides full confidentiality of the received information.

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